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    Imagine that you are a foreign student and you and your friends plan to visit Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. You have seen enought sites with information about musea and places to go, but you are left with one question: Where can we have a blast of a night in Amsterdam? If you’re looking for an answer you are at the right place. We are a couple of students in Amsterdam who travel alot to foreign countries,and we found out that alot of popular city’s dont have good information about where to party at night. Most of the times we had to aks locals to find a good place. Out of this problem we created this site to provide other foreign students information so that they dont need to stress about finding a good place. We created this list out of our experience and knowledge of other students. To make the places easy to find we went and took pictures at moments where the places were not filled with people so that you can find them easily. We hope that our list will grant you a great night in Amsterdam! Enjoy!

    1. Rembrandtplein


    There are a couple plazas in Amsterdam that are filled with bars and clubs. But if you have to choose one to go to you should definitely go to Rembrandtplein. Rembrandtplein is filled with bars and clubs. The atmosphere in the night is great and the square is filled with people party'ing at night.

    We will go in detail about the best places on this square but you should definitely check this place out. Also if you're looking for a midnight snack, you can find a lot of small snack bars that are open till late at night. On a Friday/Saturday night this place is full of people. Address:  Rembrandtplein Amsterdam

    2. Leidseplein


    The second best plaza to go is Leidseplein, here you can find dozens of bars and restaurants but also great clubs and pubs. Leidseplein is after Rembrandtplein the place to go. It is easily accessible with a tram. Leidseplein has small streets that are filled with places to go party and the atmosphere is as always great.

    A lot of different people and you get a great feeling of a party night here. Further down this list, we will attend some of the places that you can go to. Address: Leidseplein Amsterdam

    3. Club Escape


    Our first experience in Club Escape was an experience to never forget, the party hall is beautiful and big, the people are nicely dressed and you can party with every stranger there. The music is very well done and you can enjoy a great night of clubbing. This club is located on Rembrandtplein and it is the biggest one. If you looking for an unforgettable night you could order a VIP booth and have your own couch and a bottle of vodka where you can enjoy the whole night dancing in a private place with your friends. This will cost you around 300 but if you split this amount with your friends, you won't regret it!

    Most of the time you need to buy a ticket only that cost around 16 euro's, don't worry you won't regret it. We advise taking cash with you because the toilets are not free . Address: Rembrandtplein 11, 1017 CT Amsterdam

    4. Jantje's verjaardag

    If the clubs aren't your place then the pub might be something for your. Jantje's verjaardag is easy to get to from Rembrandtplein.It's a very popular place for students to come. Be aware that if you come with 5 guys that you maybe wont't get in because the ratio of boys and girls will be not even. This is something typically in amsterdam, we advise to go in small groups of two or if you are with girls than entering will be not a problem. Next to that the atmosphere is just very cozy and pleasant. You can meet alot of new people and enjoy the fresh beer. 

    Keep in mind to take some cash with you for the toilet and wardrobe. In the weekend this place is the most crowded. Also we recommend to not wear any more clothes other than a shirt, it can become very hot in the bar because of the people. Address: Reguliersdwarsstraat 114 1017 BN Amsterdam


    5. Chicago Social Club


    Chicago social club is located on Leidseplein and it maybe looks small on the inside but that is what it makes so special. The smallness of this club is what it makes it so special. The places are nicely decorated and there is plenty of room to dance. The bar is located right behind you and the atmosphere in the club is just really relaxing and chill.

    The club has a different music theme's so you can always visit this club and experience different kinds of music. You have to pay an entry fee of 15 euro but the toilets are free to use and you can store your items in a vault. Leidseplein 12, 1017 PT Amsterdam

    6. Supperclub


    If you're looking for an exclusive night than supperclub is the place to be. Supperclub is not just an club but a whole building where you can eat, relax and dance in style. The interior is very neat and luxurious and if you want to visit this club you should bring out your best outfit. Although it might be a little expensive you get what you paid for, we recommend looking at the agenda of the club to plan an nice evening to supperclub.

    The music can differ from lounge to club. Also the staff is very nice and unique, if you want to find out why then you should take a look 😉 Address: Singel 460, 1017 AW Amsterdam 


    7. Air


    Club air is one of the major clubs centered in Amsterdam. It offers a unique experience because of its young and energetic vibe. It stands on the list of the 100 best clubs in the world. There are lockers available inside the club. A normal locker is priced at 2,50.

    Most of the people are between 18 and 23 years old. Address: Amstelstraat 24, 1017 DA Amsterdam

    8. Club NL


    Club NL is an unique and stylish club located at the center of Amsterdam. Although it is not what you expect at the first place, it is a very nice club. It is mostly openened  7 days a week from 11pm till  around 0400. The music won't dissapoint you because only the best of the best dj's come here.

    Club NL also invites foreign dj's to play at night. It is also a nice bar to go to. Address: Club NL, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 169, 1012 RK Amsterdam

    9. Sugar Factory


    Sugar Factory is always a good place to be, it provides alot of different shows and parties. Sugar Factory has a busy agenda filled with shows, live music and partynights. The most popular music is techno so if you enjoy it than it is the right place for you. We recommend to attend a Sunday because of all the reviews we read and stories from our friends that night is the best. Next to techno the club has also live jazz op punk music.

    The entrance fee is around 10 euro's but some of the nights it is free. Check out their agenda for more info. Address: Lijnbaansgracht 238, 1017 PH Amsterdam